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Voice over IP Standards and Technology

International Telecommunications Union

RTP information site at Columbia

SIP information site at Columbia

SIPPING Working Group web site

SIP Center

SIP Forum

H.323 Forum

Protocols.com - comprehensive background on VoIP/ Networking protocols

Voice over IP related Conferences and Tradeshows

Internet Telephony Expo

Jeff Pulver conferences

IP Telephony Magazines

Internet Telephony

Voice over IP Lists and Indexes

Packetizer - A Resource for Packet Switched conversational protocols

SLAC Network Management and Tools Site

Books related to VoIP Performance and Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony, Paul Giralt, Addis Hallmark, Anne Smith, Cisco Press 2003

QoS Measurement and Evaluation of Telecommunications Quality of Service, William C Hardy, Wiley 2001

VoIP Service Quality, William C Hardy, McGraw Hill 2003

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