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Telchemy is the leading provider of software based VoIP performance monitoring technology. Our products provide the core VoIP analysis capability of probes and analyzers and are integrated into a wide range of IP phones and gateways to support RTCP XR and other key QoS reporting protocols.

Telchemy's products are used by telecom service providers, cable system operators and major enterprise to monitor service quality, diagnose problems and improve the reliability of VoIP services.

Contact information:

Address: 2905 Premiere Parkway, Suite 280, GA 30097

Tel: 1-866-TELCHEMY, +1-770-614-6944 international

Email: info@telchemy.com

Web: www.telchemy.com

List of VoIP Related Products
Product Name
Typical Applications
VQmon, VQmon/EP VoIP performance monitoring software
  • Core VoIP analysis software for probes and analyzers
  • Embedded performance monitoring for IP phones and gateways, supporting RFC3611 (RTCP XR), RFC6035 (SIP Voice Quality Reports) and other QoS reporting protocols
  • Integrated software based SLA monitoring for edge routers
  • Integrated performance monitoring for routers, wireless access points and other network infrastructure devices
DVQattest Active test software for VoIP services
  • Distributed software test agents that run on virtual machines or hardware (IP desktop phones, mobile/tablet devices, PCs/servers, routers, etc.)
  • Pre-deployment active testing
  • On-demand tests for troubleshooting
  • Cable and DSL service assurance
  • SLA monitoring
SQprobe VoIP probe
  • High performance, pure software Gigabit VoIP Probe
  • Real-time measurement of VoIP call performance at key locations in network
  • Collect endpoint reported metrics and correlate with real-time performance data
SQmediator Active/Passive Performance Management Application
  • Collects QoE and performance data from multiple probes and a wide range of leading manufacturers' IP phones
  • Supports both passive monitoring and active testing
  • Supports multiple services and service levels, with configurable metric thresholds and real-time alerts
  • Correlates data by customer/location and provides custom dashboards
  • Supports integration with SNMP based management systems

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