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Problem Diagnosis from User Description

Problem Occurs
Intermittently Periodically Continuously
Conversational difficulty High jitter level Route flapping Echo problem
Route flapping High delay
Gaps in speech Gaps in speech Route flapping Start or end of words missing
Link failures RED in Router
Start or end of words missing Wireless LAN handoffs
Tick or Pop Sounds Access link congestion Route flapping Access link congestion
Grounding problem Softphone timing LAN congestion
LAN congestion Timing drift  
Audio quality poor or noisy, level too low or high Access Link Congestion
Amplitude clipping - "buzzy"
Hum on call
Noisy call
Grounding problem Voice sounds dead
LAN Congestion Voice sounds hollow
Speech broken up or distorted Access Link Congestion RED in Router Access Link Congestion
Bad Ethernet cable
LAN Congestion Route flapping LAN Congestion

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