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Problem: Clipping

If users report that the start and end of words are being “clipped” then this is typically due to the Voice Activity Detector in the VoIP hardware. Voice Activity Detectors are used for silence suppression in packet voice systems, for echo suppression in echo cancellers and for echo suppression or directional control in speakerphones.

Clipping can be the result of the sound level settings in the VoIP hardware being incorrectly configured (see Loss Plan).


Users report that words are being clipped - similar in effect to a lower quality speakerphone.

Example audio file:


If VAD or Silence Suppression is being used then you may wish to disable this until the loss plan has been verified. If VAD/Silence Suppression is not being used then the problem may be located in the Echo Canceller in a Voice over IP Gateway.


Audio Editor (e.g. CoolEdit), VoIP Analyzer

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