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Test Tools

Network Analyzer or "Sniffer"

A Network Analyzer captures streams of packets from an Ethernet link, decodes each packet and displays the decodes and related statistics.

Vendors of network analyzers include Acterna, Finisar, Fluke, Network General and Wildpackets. The Ethereal analyzer can be freely downloaded and supports a wide variety of protocol decodes.

VoIP Analyzer

A Voice over IP Analyzer is essentially a network analyzer with the added ability to decode VoIP signaling protocols and analyze RTP media streams.

Vendors of VoIP analyzers include Acterna, Artiza, Empirix, Finisar, Network Associates, Radcom, Wildpackets

Voice Quality Tester

A Voice Quality Tester typically uses intrusive or active testing - sending audio files through a network and using tools such as P.862 to compare the impaired audio file with the original file.

Vendors of Voice Quality Testers include Agilent,Consultronics, Empirix, Radcom, Sage

Audio Analyzer

An Audio Analyzer will display an audio file, allow you to listen to the audio and perform spectrum analysis.

Available Audio Analyzers include Audacity, Cool Edit

Voice over IP Probe

A VoIP probe is located at some key point in the network, continuously monitors traffic and performs real time analysis of the media stream.

Vendors of VoIP probes include Brix Networks, Empirix, Inet, Radcom, Sunrise

List of Test Tools at SLAC

Download Telchemy's IP Network Simulator (Windows only)

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