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Tool Description: RTCP XR - RFC3611

The new RTCP XR - RTP Control Protocol Extended Reports - provides a rich set of data for Voice over IP management. The data for these extended reports can be provided by technology such as VQmon embedded into IP Phones or Gateways and sent periodically during the call to provide real time feedback on call quality.

The VoIP Metrics payload is shown below:

Network Packet Loss Packets discarded due to jitter Density of lost/ discarded packets in burst periods Density of lost/ discarded packets in gap periods
Average duration of burst periods (mS) Average duration of gap periods (mS)
RTP Round Trip Delay (mS) End System Delay (mS)
Signal Level (dBm) Noise Level (dBm) Residual Echo Return Loss (dB) Gmin - typically 16, which classifies >5% loss as burst
R factor External R factor MOS LQ MOS CQ
PLC and Jitter Buffer Config Reserved Average jitter buffer delay (mS)
Current max jitter buffer delay (mS) Max jitter buffer size (mS)

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